We provide services to IoT professionals in our field of expertise: connected objects and smart home control user interface and APIs. We are always focused on providing the best user experience in our applications, and are fascinated by the new human-machine interaction possibilities offered by recent and future connected devices.

ImperiHome Systems support

You are a home automation or connected object builder? We can add support for your system in our main android application: ImperiHome. This will help promoting your products thanks to our strong existing user base.

ImperiHome Customization

You are a home automation professional and want to install a ImperiHome as all-in-one control solution, but you need customizations (logos, colors, functions...)? We can do that for you and create a fully customized app matching your needs.

White-label control app development

You are a connected object builder needing to develop a dedicated android application for it? We can handle that for you in white-label mode: Your brand. Your app. Using the strong base we developed with ImperiHome, we are able to do deliver in a very short delay.

APIs design

Using our extensive experience in interfacing connected objects to user interfaces, we can help you designing your APIs and M2M communications to make them become a key strength for your connected products.

You want to know more about these services and discuss the opportunity to work together? Please contact us!

They put their trust in us

  • "Evertygo successfully integrated their home control application with Zipato automation platform. Their dedication to the project and professional approach amazed us, especially in the part of community based testing and improving the whole system. We are happy to continue this fruitful collaboration with Evertygo in order to bring an innovative home automation solution in any home."

  • "GCE Electronics worked with Evertygo team to integrate IPX800 V3 and Eco-Devices in ImperiHome application. We have been impressed by the quality of work and the involvement of the Evertygo team. In a few weeks, our two products have been integrated in ImperiHome without us having to rewrite a single line of code. The developers have been able to take into account the opinions of our customers for the integration of IPX800 V3 and Eco-Devices to be perfect."

  • "What a pleasure to work with the Evertygo team! Our home automation solution, eedomus, has been integrated on ImperiHome in a breeze! And you can count on our partnership for a solid monitoring on the further versions."