Smarthome control application for iPhone, iPad and Android






There are two versions of ImperiHome: Lite and Pro


  • 2 active connectors max
  • 2 dashboard pages max
  • 2 available dashboard layouts
  • Customization
  • Charts module


  • Unlimited active connectors
  • Unlimited dashboard pages
  • All dashboard layouts available
  • Customization
  • Charts module
  • Configuration import/export
  • Third-party integration


Our team will assist you in the installation and usage of ImperiHome.
Please visit our Help Center to find answers to most common questions.
Should you still need assistance, please contact us through this simple form.


We think that listening to our users is a key factor for the app to fit their needs the best. We got heart-warming comments on our applications on the Play Store, here are some examples.

  • Great app. Use it along with domoticz.

    R. G., august 2017 on the Play Store

    The use of this app on a wall-mounted old android tablet is an inexpensive solution to monitoring and controlling with Vera Plus. Superior performance.

    S. W., july 2017 on the Play Store
  • I love this app. I was seriously about to give up on Vera because the mobile app was not great. Then I tried ImperiHome and it has blown me away.

    B. R., july 2017 on the Play Store

    Everything is great and work perfectly. Ergonomics, features, stability and Evolution of the app. Congratulations!

    F. B., july 2017 on the Play Store
  • Developers react quickly. The application is very worthy.

    M. Z., july 2017 on the Play Store

    Excellent replacement for Vera Edge control. Zero issues, I use this daily and recommend it highly.

    B. F., july 2017 on the Play Store
  • I have a Vera with various connected devices, among which a Netatmo weather station and thermostat, but only use Imperihome as this allows me to see all devices at once. The Pro version is well worth it, I use it on a daily basis and it always runs very smooth.

    D. G., june 2017 on the Play Store

    Before I did this, I was about to throw my Zipabox! With this, it became useful.

    A. N., april 2017 on the Play Store
  • Very good, running Vera, Hue, Harmony Hub and IP cameras with this app. Nice and smooth!

    H. R., april 2017 on the Play Store

    The application really worth purchasing the pro license is the best front-end I had the opportunity to use so far

    A. R., april 2017 on the Play Store
  • Really easy to use and the looks are fantastic

    F. C., march 2017 on the Play Store

    I tried some other zwave control apps but this is by far the best. Runs great in combination with my Vera Edge, Netatmo weather station, thermostat and Kodi media players.

    D. G., february 2017 on the Play Store
  • A wonderful application

    O. T., february 2017 on the Play Store

    This is a great app, much easier and better GUI then the Vera app. The Vera app is a good backend (create devices/scenes) but for end users this is great....

    K., october 2016 on the App Store
  • This app gets better with every update. This is an awesome app. Changing my rating to 5 Stars. This app has been a great addition to my home automation project. I really like the flexibility this gives on how I want my devices and scenes laid out. Way better than the Vera app. Looking forward to future updates

    G. R., april 2016 on the App Store

    This app saved me who-knows-how-many headaches in trying to write something like it from scratch. Thank you so much, works awesome for a simple no nonsense home dashboard my family can use. Instant buy.

    O., march 2016 on the App Store
  • Great app. Essential app when you like home automation. The interface is universal and it allows to connect to several automation systems which i have. In this way you get an intergrated interface and control and no longer depend on the specific apps provided by each system supplier. Great thinking of this developer! I only realised last weeks how much i use it when the app stopped working after the upgrade but imperihome support quickly helped me out. Keep up the good work!

    M. O., august 2017 on the Play Store