Fixpack for ImperiHome 1.4

Hello everybody,   Well, we have to be honest, the releasing of version 1.4 has been a bit tough with two major bugs raised by users only a few hours after its publication:   Vera system almost unusable because of unacceptable connection latency Inconsistencies in shutters management on Zibase Several fixpack have been published since […]

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ImperiHome 1.4 : eedomus and built-in graphs

Hello all, We are still in January, so I can still wish you all a happy new year! 😉 ImperiHome starts this year with a major release of the application, ImperiHome 1.4.0, that has been done in partnership with My Domotique that we deeply thank for their precious help. This release is major for several […]

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Greetings… and teasing!

Hello, First of all, and on behalf of whole ImperiHome team, I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year to you all! It’s also the occasion for me to tell you about what’s happening on ImperiHome side. Well, even if the end of year is not the best moment to develop, the […]

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