ImperiHome for iPhone & iPad is up on App Store !

  Finally ! After a long development time (much longer than what we initially expected to be honest), several 10s of thousands lines of code, and a private beta testing program, ImperiHome is finally available on the App Store for the iPhone/iPad platform ! You can now discover the app by yourself 🙂 For that, you […]

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ImperiHome 2.5 : MyFox is now supported !

  And here is our first (and long awaited) 2015 release. For this v2.5, we are very proud to introduce compatibility with the MyFox Home Control 2. MyFox is a great security and home control solution; they did a great job at the CES several weeks ago and we strongly encourage you to follow their […]

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ImperiHome 1.7 : Koubachi plant sensor support

Hi There,   One month after the last update, we’re happy to release the 1.7 version of ImperiHome !   This is sping time, ImperiHome is coming to your garden with the well known Koubachi WiFi plant sensor support! From within the ImperiHome application, you’ll be able to consult all of your Koubachi’s information : plants […]

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