New ImperiHome fixpack

Hi all, Since yesterday, a new fixpack of ImperiHome has been released on Google Play. This is the version 1.2.2. No big changes in this small release but some fixes to bugs that could have been quite annoying such as the ON/OFF switch on Zibase that was not working remotely, or the bad default sensors […]

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ImperiHome v1.2 with ZiBase graphs and Netatmo support

Hi there, ImperiHome v1.2 has just been released with a bunch of features and improvements : Netatmo : Netatmo weather stations support ZiBase : Temp/Hygro/Rain/Power graphs Vera : Generic/OWL powermeter support Vera : Karotz TTS support Vera+ZiBase : Last update date in Details popup Vera+ZiBase : Rain sensors accumulation displaying Vera+ZiBase : Total energy consumption […]

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ImperiHome v1.0 now released!

Hello all, I’m very pleased to tell you that ImperiHome v1.0 is now officially released and available on Google Play! For a quick overview, look at the video. Should you want to see more, well, just install it! This initial version is completely free but, still, full of features. And for those of you who […]

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