ImperiHome Android 2.7 has 4 new friends !

Hi There,

Some of you already noticed that, we released the 2.7.0 upgrade of ImperiHome for Android.

Good news : in this version, we added support for 3 more systems !


 LIFX-bulbs The LIFX Light bulbs, which are great WiFi connected light bulbs, available in white or color. From ImperiHome, you are now able to control these bulbs’ status, color, as well  as activating LIFX scenes.
unnamed The Legrand’s EcoCompteur 412000, which is a nice device to follow energy consumption in home your electric panel. ImperiHome will retrieve instant consumption values for each of the measure circuits, as well as display the consumption history charts.
parrot-flower-power The Parrot Flower Power, the well known connected plant sensor. For this one, ImperiHome connects to Parrot’s cloud (be sure to have you plant app synced) to retrieve and display data and advices about your plants.
anemo_station And Netatmo’s brand new Wind Sensor, which is the latest addition to their great connected weather station. ImperiHome will display wind speed and direction.



Here is the full change log for this 2.7.0 upgrade :

  • LIFX : Support of LIFX connected light bulbs
  • Flower Power : Support of Parrot Flower Power connected object
  • Legrand EcoCompteur : Support of Legrand’s EcoCompteur electricity counter
  • Netatmo : Support for Wind sensor
  • Control API : /camera/view to launch fullscreen camera view
  • Zipabox : Support Plugin dimmer TKB TZ67
  • Fibaro : Support ST812 Flood Detector
  • Fibaro : Support energy value (kWh) on power meter devices
  • IPX800 : Option to consider inputs as security sensors
  • Hue : Support global Philips Hue scenes
  • Hue : API Change in user creation
  • ISS : Support ‘pulseable’ capability on DevSwitch
  • Vera : Support of TED500 energy monitor plugin
  • Graph : new color for previous serie to ease reading
  • Dashboard : Better handling of cameras without JPEG stream (new widget)
  • Dashboard : dynamic name for sliding composite sensor widget
  • General : ability to force application’s language
  • Various bugfixes and improvements


Hope you’ll enjoy it !

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