ImperiHome Android 2.6.2 : Composite sensor widgets !

Hi there,

The 2.6.2 upgrade of ImperiHome for Android is out, and it includes a feature that has been widely requested : composite sensor widgets !
What’s this ? Well, it’s the possibility to put multiple sensors values into one single dashboard widget, either in the form of a grid (up to 4 sensors), or as a scrolling list.

Here is how it looks like :



Within the improvements, you’ll also find a new transparent theme that will ease the work of users who heavily customize the dashboards, and the ability to set a different local WiFi network on each of the systems you declared in the app. Useful for people having 2 houses for example.


Here is the full ChangeLog for this 2.6.2 :

  • Dashboard : New composite widgets for sensors
  • Dashboard : New composite widget for dimmers
  • Dashboard : Graph widget now refreshed when new sensor value retrieved
  • Dashboard : Fixed Qubino pilot wire widget
  • Dashboard : New true transparent theme without widgets borders
  • General : Ability to define the local WiFi network for each connector
  • General : Added italian app translation
  • eedomus : Support for APC UPS devices
  • Vera : fixed temperature unit (C/F)
  • Vera : added binarysprinkler device support
  • Vera : bug fix on dual setpoint thermostats
  • Vera : Plugins support of Ping Sensor & smart gas meter & iphone locator
  • Vera : disable graphs if datamine not installed
  • Fibaro : Enable action protection on virtual devices
  • Fibaro : Support of additional motion sensors and Aeon Energy
  • eedomus : Added support for enocean humidity sensors
  • IPX800 : Fixed displaying of Ph & Redox values
  • Zipabox : Fixed a specific case with Dimmers
  • List view : Show power comsumption for dimmers

Enjoy !

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