ImperiHome for iPhone & iPad is up on App Store !



Finally !

After a long development time (much longer than what we initially expected to be honest), several 10s of thousands lines of code, and a private beta testing program, ImperiHome is finally available on the App Store for the iPhone/iPad platform !

You can now discover the app by yourself 🙂 For that, you just need an iPhone/iPad/iPod touch running iOS 7.1 minimum (iOS 8 recommended). The app is the same for all compatible Apple devices.


EN2 - Dashboard - iPad - smallEN2 - Dashboard2 - iPhone - 5EN2 - List - iPhone - 5


Important question : “Does it have all the features of the Android version ?”

Well, not all features yet. We tried, for this first version, to setup a strong base with all the core features (including our beloved customizable Dashboards ;)). For details on the differences between Android and iOS versions of the app, please see this article on our help center.

We really hope you will enjoy this iOS port of ImperiHome, and, hmm, prepare for good news quite soon, as we have prepared support for new systems/objects, and some of them are nearly ready 😉

 Of course, if you encounter any issue using ImperiHome, support system is still the same : just get back to us using the in-app support screen, or using this contact form, we’ll do our best to help.

And, finally special thanks to our fellow beta testers and to our intrepid iOS developers ! 😉

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