ImperiHome 2.0 – Countdown to Oct. 27th begins


Presented beginning of August through a teasing video which generated a lot of positive reactions, ImperiHome 2.0, the Android Home Automation Control application by Evertygo, is now on the path to its official roll-out on Google Play Store whose date has been decided for October 27th !


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Introducing : Dashboards !

ImperiHome, the Android multi home automation systems and connected objects control app, is now providing a brand new usage mode. While previous versions were relying on a static list view of the different devices, this version is now offering a unique user experience with the ability to create and customize whole dashboards. The user will then be able to organize its smart-home control by creating pages with different layouts that he will populate with widgets to control the different home automation devices he owns. This mode unleashes the customization possibilities and allows ImperiHome to adapt itself to any user.

Although clearly intended for dedicated wall-mounted tablets, this mode is fully usable on smartphones as well.

Additionally to this new user interface, this version also provides the ability to import/export preferences : users will now be able to use the application on several Android devices without having to reconfigure each time.


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A successful Beta program

For this release, we decided to launch a Beta tests program with real end-users to ensure the application would match expectations and to guarantee a smooth releasing for this major milestone.

Hence, since September 13th, about 20 users are heavily testing the application. Thanks to their feedback, suggestions, and bug reports, the application now reached a level which makes us think it’s time to make it public.

We would like to take the opportunity of this article to thank them a lot for their hard work and their patience. They can be proud of what they contributed to achieve!


ImperiHome 2.0: a Pro version

Since the very first release of ImperiHome, we have never hidden that a Pro version could be released some day for a few money. Even if officially announced here, a lot of you already guessed that the 2.0 will be this version because, indeed, it’s a major milestone that provides real new features to the application.

The pro version will be presented as an Unlocker in Google Play. By buying and installing this new application, you will unlock pro features of ImperiHome.

For existing ImperiHome users, it thus mean that your configuration will be kept as it’s the same application that you will use. It also means that the free version will continue to evolve and be maintained as, at the end, it’s still the same application. Moreover, such a mode also allows us to provide some limited 2.0 features for users to give a try and decide, or not, to buy the Unlocker.

We also decided to keep the Unlocker at a reasonable price because for only 4,90 Euros, the user will be able to unlock all the 2.0 features.

This comparison table details the limitation of the standard version compared to the pro one :

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Future of ImperiHome

This version is clearly a major step for the application but we still have plenty of other innovative ideas for its future! In the meantime, we will continue to increase the number of supported systems so that a maximum number of users can take benefit of ImperiHome.

See ya on 27th October !

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